With every word I share, I pray these truths will be heard, received, and believed:
God sees you and loves you.
He has a plan and a purpose for your life.
You are His daughter and He is waiting for you to claim your crown.
He is inviting you to be a part of the story He is writing in this world.

Dedicated to cultivating a craving for God's Word, you will find my writing saturated with the perfect blend of truth, faith and hope to stir your soul to connect with God in deeper, more intimate ways. Through my words I hope to ignite your desire to pursue God passionately, invite your heart to experience God’s love personally, and inspire you to live your life “souled” out to the One whose love has no limits. 


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"Jesus gathers every fragmented piece, carefully patching them back together, not only making us whole but more beautiful because we’ve been broken."

Healed & whole · devotional